June 2, 2010

shanny lee

so if you ever noticed my little sidebar of links, you may have wondered who that shanny lee lady is. Well friends, she is a super awesome photographer and friend. She does photojournalism and lifestyle shots as well as weddings. She has the most brilliant perspective and can always find little fleeting moments and calming scenes. She is so passionate about life, it's absolutely infectious. She will be shooting our wedding. (well hopefully, she did just get dual citizenship in italy so...she may buy a one way ticket to italy and never come back. ;D)

Here's her website. Go look at every single photo. right now.
And in particular, her wedding portfolio
(you should also check out her italy portfolio. she spent the past two whole summers there. jealousss)

She lives in California but I know she's definitely is willing to travel. You should contact her. She'll be your new BFF.

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