June 22, 2010

All in the family

My mom is so funny. She's really embracing the role of mother-of-the-bride. Every time I see her she gives me more wedding magazines. When she gets together with her friend Suzy (who will be friendor extraordinaire), she calls me to report their brainstorming sessions.

Most recently she has suggested galvanized tin buckets. Yes! Perfect farmer's market vibe.
Also I have learned that Suzy is growing english lavender on her ranch. Score! And she has olive trees, that I can cut branches off for arrangements. Double score!
Suzy also arranges flowers, is an interior decorator, is the best thrifter/antiquer on the planet, and has a wholesale license. Which means she can help us purchase any supplies we need in bulk, whether it be decor or beverages (costco offers special prices at earlier hours for wholesale). Yes!


  1. Ooooooo, lavender. Lush.

  2. Awesome! There's nothing better than family and family-friends getting excited and involved in your big day.

    Interior designer with her own ranch? Jealous!