December 30, 2010

across the pond

p.s. I just had to post this. The all inclusive posting of miss anna's wedding. it is so awesomely badass. England, snow, AMAZING shoes/dress/cape, happiness, joy, CASTLE. what more could you want?? I'm in love

December 29, 2010

honey do list

I'm back from our whirlwind trip home for Christmas, it was a nice mental break. and now back to the 12 hour days at work! But to backtrack, the same night I wrote that last post, Fiance came home from work close to 10 pm and surprised me along with his friends all dressed up in santa hats and antler headbands with presents. Totally put me in the christmas spirit, it was adorable. Reason #20934897 why I'm marrying that man.

We got a few things accomplished while home. Bought Fiance's suit for the wedding. And since Men's Warehouse was having their Buy One Get One Free Sale (anything in the store, seriously ANYTHING), he got 2 of everything. We also set up suit rentals for the groomsman. I agree rented suits usually fit horribly and they're pretty cookie cutter (which is why we decided to buy one for Fiance, plus every man needs a nice suit or 2). However, the majority of our boys don't own a suit and aren't really in a position to spend the money on one. Each of them is so completely different from the next, they'll stand out on their own accord.

We worked out some details for Bridal Shower #2 which my mom will be hosting in Northern California.

My mom showed me her stash of wedding decor that is slowly taking over my old bedroom. milk glass vases, candles galore (really amazing flameless pillar candles actually, gorgeous!) silver platters, beverage dispensers, a couple really awesome twinkly light branches, and cheese board slates. Soon to be added to the pile: table cloths and napkins.

We taste tested some amazing pastries we found online, if you scroll down almost to the bottom you'll find the miniature desserts and pastries. They're totally pre-made and are shipped to you frozen in a well-insulated package. They're pretty and DELICIOUS. We're going to order a few different kinds to add to the dessert buffet. YUM.

My mom worked out a contract with the florist. My new choice of bouquet (anemones) is about 10% of what it originally was for the lily-of-the-valley. score.

I wasn't really sure what I would be doing the night before the wedding. I had sort of planned on staying at my parents and getting ready there, but there's not enough room for the rest of the girls to stay overnight and it's totally the opposite direction from the ceremony/reception sites. Plus it's going to be super hectic because my grandparents will be staying there and my grandma will be working on the cake. So my dear mother came up with an excellent plan. There's an adorable tiny little bed & breakfast across the street from the church. My parents offered to pay for my girls and I to stay there the night before the wedding. So Friday we'll have the rehearsal at the church, walk around the corner to this awesome Chicago style pizza place for the rehearsal dinner and then just walk back to the B&B, spend the night and get ready all together Saturday. I love this plan. One last night with all my girls, and it's super convenient.

We're less than 2 months away! So excited!

December 23, 2010

blue christmas

Today was a half day at work but I still got there early and worked through lunch and ended up putting in 8 hours anyway. Work is totally kicking my butt, I love what I'm doing but there's so much to do, I've been working some really long hours and it sounds like it won't stop for the next couple months...perfect, all my time leading up to the wedding. I'm very glad I delegated the heck out of all this stuff. I'm totally over planning anything else. My mom is on the ball with most of the logistical stuff at this point: ordering table cloths, blocking rooms at the hotel. I just answer her questions and I'm good with going along with whatever we've got going at the moment. I'm ready to just show up at this point. I really am not concerned with any more details. (edit: i totally almost forgot the ONE item on my to-do list: print the dang invites! we bought the paper last weekend. now to hook up the printer...)

Fiance and I actually get to go home, albeit for a 3-day (hopefully 4 if he can get monday off) weekend which includes drive time to Northern California (400ish miles) both ways. I'm looking forward to seeing our families. One year we'll actually plan and sort out Christmas Day a little better. The past 4 years we keep ending up driving back and forth a million times between my parents, his mom and stepdad and his dad and stepmom. At least they all live in a 10 minute radius. But different relatives like my grandparents or his niece and nephews would be there at different times (or usually show up to the respective houses at the same time so we're splitting an hour or so between 2 houses). This whole visiting with family/holiday planning was part of our marriage preparation classes. I think we might need to discuss in more detail after we're married.

I'm getting by alright and going to bed at grandma o'clock so I'm getting enough sleep. The worst thing is it just doesn't feel like christmastime to me. christmas is my favorite time of year. yet this year I've hardly listened to christmas music, or done much baking or christmas shopping or even decorating. Tomorrow is christmas eve and at the moment it just feels like another day.

December 18, 2010


Ok. It's official. We know where we're doing for our honeymoon:
I'm a little bit more than excited. Fiance's been and loved it but I have not yet and I've been dying to go. it's going to be amazing.

Yes I understand it will be cold (first week of March). but we both love cold weather. it'll be romantic to be all bundled up and wander. The hotel is in Manhattan, 2 blocks from Central Park. All the rooms have city views.

I've been trying not to go overboard with the plans for that week. Siteseeing is not the goal of a honeymoon, am I right? ;) The nice thing is, NYC is a place we will definitely visit again, so there's no need to cram a bunch of things in. So we spent some time the other night prioritizing what is important to us and what we love experiencing together:
Food, obviously. I've got a running list of restaurant and cafe recommendations from friends.
A Knicks game at Madison Square Garden for my sports obssessed Fiance.
The Empire State Building and the Flatiron Building for the Engineering nerd in me.
Phantom of the Opera. Because we love getting dressed up and it's the only musical that Fiance accepts.
Coney Island. Because we have to get a Nathan's Hot Dog (among other reasons).
Rockefeller Plaza, because we love 30 Rock.
Times Square because its awesome.

I'm so excited to get to spend this time with Fiance in an amazing city! We're typically homebodies and not the go-go-go type, so we're always in somewhat of a relaxed state. A low-key honeymoon getaway was never really something we considered, we've always been looking at something more urban since that is out-of-the-box for us.

December 11, 2010


ok, time to unload. With the move and work being so crazy I feel like I barely have time to eat, much less do anything else. I'm one of those people who absolutely needs to get 8 hours of sleep per night or I will turn into a crazy person. Which when I started thinking about it, means I have THREE hours every day where I'm not working/sleeping/commuting/getting ready for work/bed. THREE hours to make/eat dinner, catch up on bills/emails, and spend time with fiance. I know its one of those "welcome to the real world" things, but it's killing me. I feel like the world is moving so fast and I'm missing everything. My to-do list keeps growing because I just keep adding to it but don't actually have time to accomplish anything on it. My wedding boxes are somewhere in our room of death and it's driving me nuts. And moving from a studio by myself to a 2 bedroom with a messy boy means a whole lot of cleaning and picking up (we're working on splitting up the definition of cleanliness is just a bit different from his).

We REALLY need to order our wedding bands, but I'm still paying off the outrageous amount of money from getting my car fixed before I can put something else on my credit card. Because we definitely can't pay out of pocket right now. All the utilities were included at my last place, but now I'm dealing with all these bills coming in. And they each seem to have around $100 of deposit/one time/installation type charges. Yes, Fiance is helping pay, but they've been cutting back his hours at work, to about 29, which is pretty sucky so I'm carrying a lot of this myself. My christmas bonus from work is going toward bills. I can't even celebrate that first bonus by going out to dinner, buying myself something, or even buying christmas presents for people.

I know things won't be like this forever. it's just a lot all at once. and  77 days before the wedding.

By the end of this weekend I will have managed to spend time with 2 of my bridesmaids and see some family. Hopefully that will rejuvenate me enough to face another week.

December 7, 2010

let there be internet!

finalllllyyyy got the internet installed.  I've missed this. and you guys. I can't believe miss anna's all marriaged now!

it's been a busy past few weeks. moving, thanksgiving, craziness at work, both of our birthdays! too busy, I told fiance I can't wait for life to be boring again just so I can get some more sleep, and catch up on my shows (and not have 892 unread blog posts in google reader)...but at this point that won't be happening until after the wedding. I wouldn't recommend moving the weekend before thanksgiving, at least we weren't hosting! The living areas of our little place are actually looking quite presentable, but perhaps that is because of the spare bedroom/office/storage/i-don't-know-where-to-put-this-so-it-goes-in-here room of death. there isn't even a walking path right now. and me, the messy chaotic one is dying over it even with the door closed. we'll get there right?

Definitely need to FIND the printer so I can get those invitations printed up...before christmas. yikes deadlines are looming. Cousin has been coming up with some super awesome ideas for the bridal shower and bachelorette. can't wait! We're locking in a contract with our photographer friend. and with the florist. My mom's friend Suzy is DIY-ing to her heart's content. We mapped out a floor plan for the reception and my mother has begun ordering different items online. We're trying to finalize honeymoon plans. I feel like a broken record, just continually reciting my to-do list (which keeps growing), maybe in hopes that I won't forget anything.

We're under 90 days what??? Hearing that really threw fiance into gear, kind of a reality check. so this whole wedding thing is actually real?