June 30, 2010

Check Check Check

Alright friends. Now that I'm officially done with school it's time to start crossing things off my list. I'm spending time with my mom this week and we've been trading wedding ideas back and forth.

I finally visited our little ceremony church. It's even better than the photos my parents took. So perfect for us.

I've been working on the design of our save the dates. We're going super simple and basic and convenient. I plan on ordering some magnets with an engagement photo and all the basic info. I was too afraid people would throw out a piece of paper. So if they can just stick it on their refrigerator for the next 8 months and be reminded of our date and website. And our cute smiling faces. Vistaprint has excellent prices.

We've been working on invitation templates and wording too. Thinking about going with a more general and casual "together with our parents" to avoid trying to figure out the proper way to write out Fiance's remarried parents' names. Still haven't found a design that I love, though I've got the wording and fonts down. (Using an old typewriter font as a nod to Fiance's screenwriting profession.) I may eat my words later, but my goal is to get invites printed and done well in advance. Timing on things is going to get really tricky, our wedding is the last weekend in February. Mailing the invites 8 weeks in advance puts us right at January 1. I definitely want to make sure all holidays are over and people are done with christmas cards before trying to send wedding invites. I also don't want to spend my holidays printing/addressing invites. November also happens to contain 6 birthdays in our family plus thanksgiving. So invites need to be done, and even addressed by the beginning of November at the latest. Also my goal for most DIY type projects. Then I can minimize stress during the holidays and save final to-dos for after the craziness.

And with paper items comes guest list. We need to figure that one out still, start collecting addresses.

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  1. Ah, that is a tricky holiday timeline!

    At least you have a target deadline . . . that's half the battle (so I'm told!).