January 21, 2010


The plan is to have the ceremony in a small, gold rush era church near home. It is beautiful, and accompanying my simple aesthetic, won't need much decor at all. I've been looking for something that will be easy to put in and easy to remove, since we only have a 3 hour window.

baby's breath seems to be making a comeback, when used in simple bunches it is really pretty. Like fluffy clouds!

(via snippet and ink)

This is my favorite. I love Gladiolas, and they're nice and tall with blossoms all the way up the stalk to reach up the pews.
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and of course buckets of lavender. we could also alternate and use multiple types, we'll see what time/budget allows!
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Next I'll start thinking about the altar. I plan to visit when I'm home in March (I've never been inside).

January 20, 2010


One of my favorite food blogs, Sunday Suppers, recently created a to-die-for cheese spread for a Martha Stewart feature.

love the cheesecloth tablecloth!

Love the muted, rustic colors

They even made little platters with illustrations
(all photos via sunday suppers)

January 19, 2010

playing games

Since we're going for a more casual, appetizer style reception with more sitting around chatting with loved ones than crazy dancing I found some great little ideas to help keep people interacting and entertained (especially little ones, I hope there's a lot of little ones, I just love them!) I've seen a couple weddings with tables set aside with board games and I LOVE that idea. Fiance' and I are totally addicted to board games. When we're bored (and not watching movies) then we go to target and look at board games. We've spent countless hours playing risk, monopoly city (so much better than the original!), clue and life. His mom is totally pro at Scrabble, she's got the dictionary and everything.

battleship and trivial pursuit!

(via a practical wedding)
 (via rock and roll bride)
cute used as place cards. even though we're not doing the whole seated meal thing.

I think we'll even register for the vintage boxed ones. (We already have the stratego version!)
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January 18, 2010

joan holloway

i have a major girl crush on Christina Hendricks, of Mad Men. She's absolutely gorgeous, finally a celebrity celebrated for her curves! She also seems really sweet and down to earth. Her wedding to actor Geoffrey Arend (from (500) days of summer) was beautiful, intimate, full of love and warmth. That's what I want, to emulate that mood, not specific details. (Although I love those bridesmaids in vintage!)

(above photos scans from Elegant Bride)

January 5, 2010

van the man

one of our all time favorite musicians is Van Morrison. One of the very musicians I NEVER get sick of listening to. R&B influenced blues-y rock coming from a man from Northern Ireland? yes please. Since we don't plan on any crazy clubbing dance music, we're basically going to just play all van morrison. He's got some fun upbeat stuff to lighten the mood, plus lots of romantic slower tunes for dancing. Plus great background music for all the eating that we definitely plan on doing.

One of Fiance's favorite songs ever, and now mine too will be featured as our first dance. It's very beautiful and emotional. I also happen to have it on vinyl, hopefully we can get the record player set up! I think everything sounds better on vinyl.

Because I'm not very blogger-savvy still, and the only youtube videos are of people playing covers, the only way I could give you a listen is to embed in on the site. So if you'd like a listen, it's on the right under labels.

January 1, 2010

blanc de blancs

Happy New Year!

There is a winery in California named after Francis Ford Coppola. One of it's products? A sparkling white wine inspired by his daughter the lovely Sofia Coppola.

The best option of Sofia comes in a little pink can with its own straw. So cute for bridal party get togethers!

(via wine.com)