December 28, 2009

ladies in waiting

I am all about the mismatched bridesmaids. They are picking out whatever they would like to wear, something that flatters them, they are comfortable in and is their style so they'll ACTUALLY wear it again. I was trying to think of neutrals that would go along with our ideas, a color that is universally flattering but not harsh like black.

I was inspired by this board, "Glamorous Gray"

(by elizabeth anne designs)

Gray is indeed glamorous, and would be perfect for winter. I found some really pretty mismatched gray bridesmaids:

(a clipping from I think elegant bride)

(via ruffled)

(via snippet and ink)

(via snippet and ink)

This collage is great. With something like gray, i think all shades and tones work together from pale silver to pewter. And for added wearability and uniformity my last "rule" will be knee-length. A cocktail type dress that has a broader future than than a long silver dress (which coincidentally is what I wore to my senior prom! ergo-if you'd wear it to prom then I wouldn't recommend it as a practical bridesmaid dress)

(collage made by inspired bride)

I added this for the color palette. I'm not dictating shoes, those are fair game. I trust my ladies' style. But gray velvet ribbon is so beautiful! Must try to incorporate velvet ribbon into details somewhere...
(via snippet and ink)

December 27, 2009

now bring us a figgy pudding

I promise this will be my last food related post for a while! The holidays are getting to me...
So another fruit that really intrigues me is the fig. I have not had extensive experience with them, but my goodness they're beautiful. Their color and texture is fabulous.
"Figs and Chandeliers"
The colors in this are a bit dark but it's still very simple and elegant.

(via erin ever after)

I think this dish is made just for me. "Honeyed fig and lavender crostata". doesn't it look heavenly? This is brought to you by the geniuses at Sunday Suppers. If we were doing an EXTREMELY small wedding (which we're not) I would totally do this for the reception. Based in New York, about once a month they host a dinner party where they bring in a professional chef, photographer and decor/food stylist. You buy tickets and then you actually make the dinner and eat it together. How fun!

December 26, 2009

Purple fingers

Once I get ahold of an idea my mind tends to race a million miles a minute. I LOVE fruit, and berries (except I'm allergic to raspberries...I don't understand!). I love sweets as much as the next girl but I don't really have a sweet tooth. For dessert I'd much rather reach for some fresh fruit, especially blackberries. I remember picking them for hours upon hours in my grandparents backyard. If the wedding remains at the end of the summer we should still be able to get some great in season items.

blackberries in a bouquet? I would need them to be artificial because I come from a long family history of being messy.

(via snippet and ink)

of course a snippet and ink board. My grandma is a pro jam/jelly maker. Maybe we could commission some as favors?

(via snippet and ink)

Simplicity at it's finest.
(via oncewed)

To add to the hors d'ouerves table. berries in their original farmer's market crates. My kind of decorating.

December 24, 2009

straight from the source

I'm going for a laid back mood. A dressed up casual affair, simple but elegant. Midday without a sit down meal, I'm really loving a farmer's market feel. Like that elegant bride editorial i posted.

of course ms. kathryn at snippet and ink has me covered:

Lots of fruits and veggies. The seed packets are a cute addition.
I'm hoping to be able to supply our food from local sources, even though the local farmer's market doesn't operate during the winter time.

December 23, 2009

Lovely Lavender

Tying into my herb inspiration comes lavender. It's beautiful, smells amazing, has interesting origins and would make simple but elegant decor.

Like this Provence inspired collage

(by classic bride)

How about a big bowl for tossing when we exit

(via carter and cook event co.)

I love this snippet and ink board called "Gingerbread and Lavender"

(by snippet and ink)

See the potted lavender plants in the background against the wall? So easy!

 (via carter and cook event co.)

ooh, accenting the champagne glasses!, or tucked into place settings

(via oncewed)

December 22, 2009

mint to be

I'd really love to utilize herbs in the decor and less flowers. For one it's less expensive, they smell amazing and if they are displayed in pots then they can be reused!

simple pots wrapped in burlap

a vase wrapped in rosemary

(via 100 layer cake)

tucked into a napkin

(via snippet and ink)

maybe cutesy little planter stakes?
-it's about THYME
-MINT to be
the boy wouldn't go for it, but i still love the mini terra cotta pots

December 21, 2009


i love the soft sophistication of this snippet and ink board (plus it also features my ring!):

It's called "Champagne and Dessert", two key items I would like to have at our reception. Since we're not necessarily "cake people" but definitely food/dessert people, I want to have an array of options that I definitely plan to enjoy. Once again Martha comes to the rescue with some great cake alternatives.

Other wishful options include mini creme brulee and piles of french macarons in lovely colors.

(corbin gurkin photography via duet weddings)

December 20, 2009

adventures ahead

So I saw Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark a few months ago (for the first time...i know i know. i somehow missed a lot of standard films in my childhood. my aspiring filmmaker fiance is seeing to it that this issue is fixed.) And all I noticed was how beautiful Marion's dresses were.
I couldn't find very good pictures but you could always go back and watch it. Harrison Ford in his glory days, quite entertaining.
There was this 40s inspired frothy gown. The swiss dot chiffon is a great little touch and I'm in love with those sleeves.

and this silky slipdress number is a lovely 40s glam dress as well.

December 19, 2009

pretty in white

Audrey Hepburn never fails. Look how chic she looked on her wedding day!

December 16, 2009


Continuing with that olive branch cake from yesterday, I definitely feel a slight Tuscan/Italian edge to my inspiration. The area where I grew up is heavily influenced by Tuscany, especially in architecture, and there are wineries everyone, plus we're not that far from Napa Valley. Wine, herbs and olives. Olive branches are really pretty, the leaves have a silvery tint. I've collected some great ideas.

A little sprig used at place settings

(jose villa)

A giant floral display of olive branches. Super easy!

I love the idea of an olive oil tasting during the reception. There's a shop in El Dorado Hills called Mia Sorella which specializes in imported olive oils. I'm going to check it out over winter break!

(above three via here)

and of course another lovely inspiration board by Kathryn at snippet and ink.
This one entitled Olive Garden (no relation to the restaurant :D)

December 15, 2009

yum yum

While modern cake creations are off the charts these days, I prefer something a bit simpler and a little more tasty than fondant. I present to you Martha Stewart:

She may be a little crazy but she knows her stuff. Those ribbons in white would be just the right amount of decoration for me. simple, easy and delish!

Other simple cakes I love:
basic white cake with olive branches. So pretty!

(jose villa photography)

This cake with wheat stalks has popped up a few places but I love Sweet Emilia Jane's idea of replicating it with lavender!

December 14, 2009

the land of...

Milk and Honey:
A little inspiration board for a Monday morning.

(by snippet and ink)
I like having warm neutrals and lots of texture as a base. Nothing too flashy, and not too stark and contrasting.

December 13, 2009

just a few more

Harper's Bazaar UK editorial. This Gucci dress is so elegant, I need to find the runway photo to see the whole dress.


this dress is gorgeous, very 1930s.

(her wedding via here)

An editorial with Katherine Heigl


Gwen Stefani as Jean Harlow in the the Aviator

December 12, 2009


Succulents are so lovely. Less expensive than typical florals they add great color and texture. Plus they're super hardy and require barely any water. I definitely want to incorporate these in some way.

(via bridescafe)

They can be quite colorful as well

(via oncewed)
I could probably even grow my own. Maybe. I am a bit notorious for killing the most basic of plants. We joke that my family has a bit of a black thumb. My mom killed a cactus once. a cactus. although that only goes for indoor plants. My parents always have a spectacular outdoor garden every summer. I'm not sure what happens across that threshold.

December 11, 2009


I'm in love with these dresses, circa the 1930s.

This one is supposed to be a bridesmaid dress, but I would totally wear it!

(both found via etsy)