June 21, 2010


I'm back. Refreshed and relaxed. Ready to tackle a to-do list as tall as me.

That exciting news that I left you hanging with? I start a 3 month internship in downtown LA in 3 weeks.
Pros: it's paid, I'll be living in the same county as fiance, it's my dream company, and I can take public transportation to work.
Cons: I have 3 weeks to find a temporary apartment...

Oh and we got engagement photos taken. Fun stuff to come!


  1. Congrats!! A paid internship?! Sweet. (Not to mention the other perks, of course!)

  2. Lots of fun stuff! Congrats on the internship and being in the same country and feeling good about all of it!

    I'm sure you can find a temporary spot in three weeks. Craigslist may be able to cook up some magic for you.