June 22, 2010

photo magic

This post from ESB freaked me out. It would probably be my one wedding nightmare. Anything else I'd be able to laugh off, even spilling something on my dress or goofing up the words to my vows. But the photographer losing the photos to your wedding? I would die. It is the one area that my mom said we're not allowed to skimp on. We must have good photos.

Here's a little background. My family is TERRIBLE at taking photos. My whole life is documented up until about age 5 and then things get spotty. There's even less of my little brother, although we do have him on video (which we didn't have when I was younger). For the years since then, most is documented by rogue disposable cameras that my grandma always has around. I suppose we're usually just too in the moment or enjoying ourselves (or stuffing our faces with food) to be bothered to document every get together. No one in my family got a single photo of me at graduation, or at my party. And there were about 20 people involved over a course of 5-6 hours. Not one photo. I keep trying to make a pact with  myself to take more photos...but it's just not in my blood. It kinda sucks, fiance and I barely have any photos documenting the last 4 1/2 years. So engagement photos and wedding photos are key.

Yeah, we got lucky and have 3 friends who are quite talented with a camera. People may think I'm crazy, but I want all 3 to document at least part of the wedding. Call it an insurance policy if you want, but I also like the idea of having different perspectives and styles. And then 1 or 2 can take a break and enjoy the day, since they are also our friends that we want to celebrate with! We will compensate accordingly of course.


  1. We're planning on a similar approach with multiple friendor photographers, for the different styles and time off reasons you mentioned. And here's another reason!

  2. Nothing wrong with an insurance policy! ;)

    Our two photogs are Josh's friends, our wedding guests, and probably the cutest couple imaginable. I hope that even though they are shooting the wedding, they will still be able to have fun and enjoy themselves. Fortunately, Josh has other photog friends who I hope will be snapping all kinds of shots that day. And if not, we hand a handful of digitals that will be good enough to capture some sweet moments.