June 24, 2010


My dear uncle is getting married tomorrow!

As I have begun attending more weddings, my favorite part tends to be the ceremony. While thinking about our own ceremony, I don't have a lot of ideas. We don't plan to write our own vows, too much pressure for me, plus fiance is a writer by profession and I work with numbers...I like the idea of saying vows that thousands of couples have said before, strengthening the meaning behind them. As far as other traditions (i.e. sand pouring), none have really resonated with me. Until I saw this photo:
Washing another's feet is a symbol of self-sacrificial love. It is predominant in the christian faith, but I find it to be terribly intimate and romantic. I love the tangible show of committing to care for the other person and putting them before yourself.
It might sound a bit odd, and logistically a little difficult, but I think it would be such a beautiful moment during a wedding ceremony. Fiance and I love the idea, but we'll have to run it by the pastor first, since our ceremony will be indoors.

(photos by shanni weilert photography)

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  1. i never knew the meaning behind this tradition and now that i know, it's actually quite beautiful. :)