May 29, 2010


Sunday suppers will be the death of me. If I ever get to visit New York and they are still hosting classes, I would totally plan my trip around it. Check out this awesome rustic italian inspired dinner.
Dark wood surface, white dishes and tasty food:
"Pasta Frittata
Warm Robiola Cheese
Herbed Flatbreads
Asparagus with Frankie’s Olive Oil
Meatballs + fresh tomato sauce
Boozy fruit
Sandwich cookies
And of course martinis"
I would like to add just about all of this to our wedding menu. Can I make asparagus an appetizer food? It looks so darn pretty with those lemon wedges.
I LOVE the idea of cooking together. If you were having a super small wedding, or a rehearsal dinner at home it would be so lovely to cook the meal together.

And check out that olive branch arrangement. I love this look and there are actually olive trees and tuscan inspired landscaping in the town where Fiance's parents live. I love some olive branch inspiration.
Also can I steal some of these ladies' dresses? Especially the one on the right. It would be just lovely for some engagement photos :).

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  1. oh my gosh, if only all of our sunday night dinners were just like this..... yummmmmm