May 19, 2010

hair part 3

Hair piece options:
First I would like to briefly discuss the following awesomeness. That vine/claw thing in her hair is pure brilliance.

But since I've already got something and I probably can't afford something like that, here's a more realistic option. My grandmother/mother's headpiece is crown shaped, layered with starched lace, iridescent sequins and tiny pearl and gold beads. My grandmother wore it flat on her head like a head band while my mom wore it tipped up, like a crown. I definitely want to wear it flat. I have a fingertip length veil with blusher for the ceremony, but I want to change it up for the reception. Maybe switch out the veil for a little bit of netting with my beaded headband like these lovely ladies:

kind of like this gorgeous vintage headpiece I found on etsy:

via etsy

umm and then I had to find a way to stick zooey in here somewhere. we have the same hair and blue eyes!


  1. That is lovely! I like yours more than hers... hers looks a bit vine"ish"

  2. Oh gosh, how fabulous. I love the idea of a change just to make the evening that little bit more thrilling!