May 23, 2010

paper battle

I can't help but feel like assembling graduation announcements is practice for wedding invites. It scares me a little. There's half a page of instructions on how to put this craziness together. inner envelopes, outer envelopes, sealing stickers, tissue to cover the text inside the announcement, addressing styles, folding directions. I kind of feel like emily post or martha stewart will jump out from behind my door if I screw up.

So this makes me want to take the easy route invite wise. ONE envelope. Possibly print address labels (GASP, blasphemy I know. What can I say? Sometimes I can be a rebel.) There's no way I can convince Fiance to spend a week putting together invites. Well, he'd probably do it if I asked because he like loves me and all that, but I'd end up being the whiney one...

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