May 21, 2010

hair part 4

So now my hair conclusion after presenting those options. I would like to introduce you to one of our many friendors (coined by the lovely & witty lady over at hitchdied) that we have been blessed with. One of my dear bridesmaids runs a business making custom veils, and doing hair and makeup styling. Miss Shawnie. She went to fashion school, worked at a bridal salon for years and is all sorts of fabulous. If you live in/are getting married in Orange County, contact her, she's awesome. Also she does beautiful hand drawn and watercolor illustrations of the bride in dress and veil, etc. She blows my mind with her talent. When she offered to help me out after I asked to stand at the altar with me, I couldn't say no!

She's going to help me with my hair, so I've been collecting photos for ideas so we can have some hair play days. Genius that she is, she suggested a combination of the two styles I love. She can tease the top, put it into a low bun/chignon for the ceremony. Then after the ceremony, she will remove a couple pins to let the bottom half down and voila! two styles in one! She will also be helping restore my headpiece and veil. Yay!

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  1. Wow what a find! I am sure it will be lovely. I like the idea of two hair styles!I might have to adopt that myself. thanks for your words of encouragement this week!