December 16, 2009


Continuing with that olive branch cake from yesterday, I definitely feel a slight Tuscan/Italian edge to my inspiration. The area where I grew up is heavily influenced by Tuscany, especially in architecture, and there are wineries everyone, plus we're not that far from Napa Valley. Wine, herbs and olives. Olive branches are really pretty, the leaves have a silvery tint. I've collected some great ideas.

A little sprig used at place settings

(jose villa)

A giant floral display of olive branches. Super easy!

I love the idea of an olive oil tasting during the reception. There's a shop in El Dorado Hills called Mia Sorella which specializes in imported olive oils. I'm going to check it out over winter break!

(above three via here)

and of course another lovely inspiration board by Kathryn at snippet and ink.
This one entitled Olive Garden (no relation to the restaurant :D)

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