May 6, 2010

luna de miel

I apologize I left you hanging on the honeymoon topic. Our plans aren't set in stone yet and we're still confirming availability. But I will start with our options and why we didn't decide on those places. Then maybe some clues until we for sure have plans!

When Fiance first showed me the timeshare website, I must have squealed with delight. So many locations to look at, and pictures to ogle. I'll tell you we nixed New York and Chicago right off the bat. We both really want to visit those locations, but we knew they'd be under a few feet of snow in February and decided that probably wasn't a good plan.

The world seemed to stop spinning when I discovered the "Europe" tab. Free hotel in Europe? That makes it totally affordable right?! I locked in on two locations in particular. Aberdeen, Scotland and Cortona, Tuscany, Italy. But long story short, we'll only have a week and it will be snowing in both locations that time of year. Next time I go to europe I refuse to spend half of the trip en route.

Until we receive confirmation I'll let you know that we'll be going somewhere in North America...

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