May 5, 2010


This advice speaks to me:

"5. Be the Life of the Party

If you want to have a wedding where guests dance into the wee hours of the night, then you must dance until the wee hours of the night. If you want a low-key dinner party with great conversation, then start talking. Simply put, guests are there to celebrate you and will follow your lead in how to act at your wedding day."

(By Beth Helmstetter via project wedding)

Because yes, I am a human being and I have some secret insecurities. Mostly irrational but they are there nonetheless. Basically I had this nagging feeling that riots would ensue and snickering would begin because we won't have a DJ or band (in that order - you must learn my exaggeration skills). The extent of dancing will be slow old blues music for a first dance and maybe father-daughter. Everything else is discretionary. But I shoved that crazy wedding voice out when I remembered "oh yeah, these people actually love us and are here for us. and i'm sure they won't mind trading dancing for good food/alcohol/conversation". Plus the wedding will be over by like 5 so they can go out and party to their hearts content.

So I'm the leader, you say Beth? Well then, I won't have to worry about people eating (seriously I know I talk too much about food, but who doesn't love it? and I'm kind of like a boy in that I get cranky if I don't eat every few hours. Fiance can read me like a book at this point), board games will be conquered, beverages will be partaken of, random and in depth chats will be had (usually revealing how insanely small this world really is, those are my faves), friendships will be deepened (or made between guests hopefully!) and don't worry there will be the occasional spontaneous dance. Because that's how Fiance and I roll, sometimes we even dance without music. Crazy talk I know.

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