March 5, 2010


I was at david's bridal this weekend to find bridesmaid dresses for my uncle's wedding. I see why they get mixed reviews. our consultant was extremely rude and a little too high strung. I was very thankful I had a good dress shopping experience as I observed the other brides there on Sunday.

Let's talk about THE dress. So a wedding dress is supposed to be the fanciest, most expensive dress you'll ever wear in your life? eh. that's a lot of pressure. and kind of pessimistic, i guess married life means no hope of ever going places that warrant fancy dresses. i think every woman needs at least one amazing dress in her closet, that makes you look and feel confident. something of quality, that you can pull out when you're invited to a party on the fly or new years eve crept up on you (even if you're not leaving your living room, thankyouverymuch). an investment piece perhaps. that should be a bit more versatile than a wedding dress.

I'd like to stay a bit more on the hopeful side, that I'll get to wear fancy dresses again. And definitely at a time when I can afford it a little more. maybe on a cruise. or if fiance becomes super successful and we get to go the academy awards.

The whole search for the holy grail of dresses is too intense! I spent WAY too much time looking at dresses online. I swear I've seen just about everything, designer, vintage and otherwise. I had to step back and eliminate those images. Although it was good to have a general idea of what I was looking for. I tried on a wide variety of dresses, before going back to exactly what I wanted. I tend to be a bit indecisive, and change my mind a million times. I knew I was taking a risk going dress shopping with my mom so early in the process. But I've made a conscious effort. it's not about finding the PERFECT dress. it's about my own dress, my own decision. I look good in it, and it's comfortable and I like it. And it fit my budget. End of story.

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