March 12, 2010

princess bride?

so umm just a couple things to say on the whole being-a-princess-on-your-wedding-day.

sure i was a girly girl growing up, and to some extent I still am. I enjoy dressing up, although I do not own a single pink item of clothing. I may have been thinking about my wedding day long before I was engaged. But I am not buying the "princess" business.

I hate the way people say "it's YOUR special day", referring to the bride. because that's dumb. It's the bride AND groom. You're not getting married because you want to throw a lavish party and wear a pretty dress (though those are added bonuses, if prioritized correctly. and if that's what you want to do, then do it for the sake of throwing a pretty party). It's because you're committing to spend the rest of your life with someone you love. And the idea that brides can do whatever THEY want and if the guests aren't happy then that's their problem? ummm...first let me say if you have complaining guests then yes, it kind of is their problem. However, some/most of them will be traveling quite a distance and put forth money to be there. If you're not being considerate of your guests, helping make them comfortable, then that's kind of being a bad hostess at your party. hear me out before you freak out.   If you're so focused on it being YOUR day, why don't you just elope? The point of having a wedding with guests present is so they can witness and celebrate the commitment with you. right?

Maybe it's because I'm the motherly type, always making sure everyone is okay first. But I know far too many friends who complain about other friends' weddings because they were boring/inconvenient/not personal. They felt like they were watching from the outside and were not involved. This is a tricky subject. What is the fine line between being accommodating and being a pushover? Between including everyone versus losing yourselves?

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