March 29, 2010


I have returned from a very relaxing spring break visiting family at home and a little stop in monterey on the way back with the fiance. Back to the daily grind with my last quarter of college EVER!

So for now while I'm getting myself reorganized (finals weeks always leave my room looking like a tornado hit, including many many loads of laundry to be done), I will introduce you to THE shoes.

Yes, I already have my shoes for the wedding. I actually bought them last summer. And there's a little story that goes along with them.

Yes, that says "Chloe". How does a poor college student afford designer heels? Through the magic that is consignment stores. Specifically Buffalo Exchange, Costa Mesa for this purchase. I worked down the street from that store this past summer and I would pop by every week or so to peruse the racks. One day I spotted these, realized they were in my size, admired them but wasn't sure if I NEEDED them. That night I realized I did. So I went back the next day, and couldn't find them to my despair. I cursed myself for not taking advantage of their 24-hour hold policy and feeling the ultimate reverse buyer's remorse. I went in a couple days later (I don't even remember why at this point) and as I was looking around I spotted something shiny and silver on one of the top shoe racks. I had to jump to reach (being 5'2" has its disadvantages) but lo and behold they were the precious Chloe's, on the opposite side of the store from where I had first spotted them. I tried them on and they fit wonderfully, they couldn't have been worn more than once. They have a great vintage look, very timeless and are well constructed. And they cost me $65. 

After immense online research I cannot figure out what season they are from, I think either spring/summer 06 or 07. The closest I could find is a peeptoe heel, without the ankle strap, in grey python (ACTUAL snakeskin...kind of weird but I hate snakes so I'm over it) not silver...that retailed for $900. NINE HUNDRED. I'd like to thank my mother for raising me to shop thrift and consignment. This officially goes down as the best deal ever.

So they fit right in with the color of bridesmaid dresses and overall wedding "colors"and my vintage style.

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  1. These are seriously wonderful. I adore them and I usually am not a lover of an ankle tie. Yummers, pure and simple.