March 31, 2010


While I am a crafty person, and come from a large group of crafty friends and family, I am also a perfectionist and impatient. So I am ambitious in my ideas and most projects go unfinished. My greatest accomplishment was sewing my homecoming dress sophomore year. Currently my sewing machine is broken, and do not own a glue gun or paint. Sad state of affairs.

So wedding DIY...I knew early on that I wouldn't be taking on anything crazy. Because I have experience in that field and it doesn't always end well. But I found one project that I can get behind: DIY milk glass vases.

(via ruffled blog)

I love the look of milk glass. And I have always seen them at thrift stores (though I don't currently own any). Though I'm realizing now that the amount we need times the cost (especially when store owners know their worth) is not smart. But this DIY takes clear glass vases and glossy white spray paint. the end. I could probably even get boys to do it, boys like spray paint right?

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