March 8, 2010

good food and good friends

So we've still got a year left. I really don't have to be thinking about any of this stuff at least until after I graduate in june. but I'm a perfectionist planner. so I am. but i'm also a procrastinator (apparently i'm also gifted at alliteration?). no matter how hard I try to start things early (read: homeword/studying) I have absolutely no motivation nor focus until I'm staring the deadline in the face and eating junk food due to the induced stress. not my best moments. so I keep telling myself that I want to get this wedding planned asap so that the last few months before it happens I can enjoy myself and mentally prepare for the transition into being married.

So even though I have more than enough time to "plan" there's a part of me that wants to withdraw more and more as time goes on. It goes back to the quote from gia canali I posted previously, and have also added to my sidebar on the right as a continual reminder. At this point I have a fiance, dress and a (reception) location (details to come). Sometimes I just want to send an email to our guest list, stock up on some grocery store party platters and wine and hook up the iPod. The end.

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