April 1, 2010

the royal

So I know the whole "typewriter as a guest book" thing is SO overdone. But hear me out. This is one "trend" that feels legitimately genuine to fiance and I.

First, fiance is a writer. Struggling screenwriter to be exact. Although screenplays are typed on computers now, they still use typewriter font, i.e. courier new. Since we're designing our invites I'm planning to incorporate a typewriter style font (dafont has some great inky vintage-y ones for free). And fiance's thesis for film school graduation (which he wrote, directed and had a cameo in) was called "The Royal" and featured a bright red Royal typewriter used by the main character (proud fiancee shameless plug). He owns both that red typewriter and a light blue Royal as well.
 (photo by connor gustus)

He thinks it's a great idea for the guestbook. It also goes with our vintage edge. It's interactive for the guests (a throwback for the less tech savvy, and funny to watch those smartphone lovers pound out the keys). It'll be easy to throw the pages together and have them bound.
(via vintage glam, now known as ruffled)
(via oncewed)


  1. I am wondering how long I can get away with saying, "I'm new to all this!" but here goes. When I saw references to vintage typewriters on wedding blogs, I thought they were just decorative. I had no idea that people were using them to create "guest books." I am thoroughly charmed. I have been reading wedding blogs for two months. Many of your guests will have been reading wedding blogs for zero months. They will be THOROUGHLY CHARMED. Do it!