April 18, 2010


Venues are officially crossed off the list! My parents visited the church this morning and the inside is every bit as beautiful as the outside. Rich dark woods, exposed brick along the bottom, tall white walls, draped curtains, dark stained glass, deep aubergine carpet and pew cushions. It'll be a lovely backdrop to my vision of white/ivory flowers and the girls in gray dresses, and so cozy during winter time. It seats about 120 people (perfect!) and there's a piano.

They even have a little bride's room! A lovely vignette of antique furniture. Although little is the keyword there, so it will be reserved for final touches. Getting ready with my five ladies and two mothers will begin elsewhere.

My parents said the pastor is as sweet as can be and showed them around even though it was ten minutes before service. He put our date down in the calendar and said he is more than happy to perform the ceremony himself if we want, we can just fly up and meet with him whenever we are available. Or if we decide to have someone else perform it, that's totally fine too. No hard feelings.

The rumors are true, they offer the church free of charge! But of course we will make a donation, keeping a 150 year old church that beautiful can't be cheap!

It feels so good to finally be crossing things off a list. I'm definitely a list person (I swear I single-handedly keep post-it in business, it's my own form of chaotic organization). Now on to what I feel are the more "meat-and-potatoes" part of the wedding. Catering, flowers and stationery!

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