February 23, 2010

the culprit

so here's the stationery that caused me to have a minor sanity blackout.
(found via snippet and ink)
So pretty right? Super clean and simple, but just a little bit of quirky personality with the handwritten names (and for some reason extending it to the very edge just gets me). Linda & Harriett are very talented designers and have beautiful things. but for reals, paper goods just cannot be 20% of our budget. and while I love prettiness, paper goods aren't really my thing. 

I TOTALLY understand graphic designers and the like going all out on this stuff, because it's their line of work, they have a vested interest in this particular aesthetic. But as an engineer, I err on the side of practicality. I'm more about architectural/space aesthetics and food (food+alcohol>>paper). I understand the invite is the first thing that a guest will see "representing your wedding" or whatev but a) they're gonna throw it away after the wedding b) or they'll scrapbook it c)if they're judging my wedding based on a piece of paper with ink then i shouldn't have invited them to the wedding d)we personally know everyone we're inviting and talk to them regularly, therefore they'll know the aesthetics of our wedding e)or they're boys and don't care (about prettiness, boys that we know are ultimate boys' boys, but not the jerk kind) f)they'll throw it away.

so there you go. we're printing them ourselves. fiance's roommate is a movie editor/photographer/adobe pro (/genius/one-of-those-people-who's-good-at-everything, but he's nice so you can't hate him for it). So we can have him tweak the design if needed. target and michael's have some decent letterpressed cardstock that you can print onto. we'll see. but moral of the story, this is not a high priority

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