April 20, 2010

chocolate and blackberry

The church reminds me of one of my favorite inspiration boards:
This one is by Anne over at the City Sage. I LOVE the rich deep colors and contrasting textures. The lace dress, glass of wine, chocolate, the figs, the chandelier, those flowers in the gray vase. I thought it would be too dark for a mid day wedding though. 

But the church has that dark purple upholstery, rich wood tones, deep red brick, airy sheer draped ivory curtains, deep blue and purple stained glass and tall white walls. I suppose this board isn't such a stretch after all! 

I've been thinking about incorporating some chocolate cosmos into the decor, because supposedly they will be in season. And they are supposed to smell like chocolate? I'm in! Fiance's mom's house has beautiful rich wood accents, and dark tapestries. Keeping everything else neutral with whites and ivories will keep it just light enough for mid day winter.

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