April 10, 2010


there may be hope for my flower dilemmas after all! My mom has been diligent in her research and found a local florist that does DIY flower services. Her website also lists prices in plain sight. It's seriously so genius, so helpful and refreshing. Monique Wilber at A Special Day Designs will provide bulk flowers that you can arrange yourself. The advantage to ordering through her versus the online places is that she has relationships with local growers and gets better deals, plus she will go through taking care of the flowers, hydrating them, etc and delivering them on the day of. So no surprise dead or wilted flowers in a box to deal with. Just a professional with tips and supplies.
(an inspiration board by Monique that I particularly loved: succulent, lavender, lotus pods and burlap! via aspecialdaydesigns blog)

If her pricing is in our ballpark I'm thinking we'd have her make the bouquets, because that seems to be the most time consuming and she knows how to arrange and wrap flowers at their prime so they last a long time. (She also offers different size bouquets for different prices). Then the reception flowers can just be in bulk and I'll have some friends toss those into miscellaneous buckets and vases.

Honestly I'm surprised I haven't heard of other florists doing this. Trying to help save their clients money. I'll keep you updated when my mom gets a hold of her.

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  1. Hi Jessie! I would be so happy to help you, and thank you for the kind words. There are all kinds of wedding couples out there that want different levels of floral design, and I'm happy to help all.

    Although flowers have "market pricing" - that is, they change weekly - I've tried to average this out and post prices on my website. Next month, I hope to get bulk prices up there. I think that this is important because I am also a consumer....and I need to know what things cost!

    If you don't see something that interests you on my website, I of course do custom orders and will give you an estimate, but at least the prices you see will give you an idea.

    Also - for reception decor - I do container buyback. Originally, I rented out my containers, but it was a hassle for the bride to make sure none of the centerpieces walked out the door. Now, I include the container price in the centerpiece price, but will buy them back as long as they are in good shape.

    I hope to hear from you or your mom :).

    Take care,

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