April 30, 2010

three euro for your thoughts

Fiance and I both extremely indecisive. I tend to be quite open to trying anything, and partly people pleasing/unselfish and letting other people choose. He is just plain picky. It makes for some intense battles of "what do you want to do? I don't know/care. what do YOU want to do?" ahhhhhh! It can be crippling, but we're working on it. I also tend to get so inspired and/or have so many ideas and want to do so many things that I get overwhelmed and can't decide.

Which is weird concerning the whole wedding thing. I've been pretty much set on what I wanted and how I pictured the aesthetics since we got engaged. I'll confess I was one of THOSE people who stalked the wedding world before my time (but hey we'd been talking about marriage for over a year before the engagement), but it partly came out of my love for pretty things/photos. And I've always loved weddings in general. I've cried at every single one I remember going to (which I admit is limited). Even when I was a volunteer helping cater at a wedding, I cried during their ceremony. I know, ridiculous. But I digress, I've been exposed to LOTS of trends/aesthetics, lots of styles. And my preferences and ideas changed a lot during that time.

But when we got engaged, everything locked into place. It was like tunnel vision. Fiance and I talked about what we wanted, made minor compromises but he was quite open to any ideas. The pickiness was gone. He'd made the decision to marry me, everything else faded. Not that he didn't care, but he recognized that it wasn't the important part. But he has made decisions when I needed him to and has taken over things like music, honeymoon and catering. I have a clear vision of how things will go down, but I differentiate a vision from expectations.

I also tend to have high expectations and anxiety and generally freak out when things don't go as planned. And not that we've hit any major road blocks, but I've been pretty go-with-the-flow about things (except the small ceremony location issues). I know I'm still young, and still in college, so thus have not fully entered "the real world". But I'm hoping my positive/healthy reactions and attitude to these things is an indicator of how I'll continue to be as I keep growing up.

And so here is where I think the vision started (probably because it reminded me of europe):

And I just keep finding things that affirm that this is the right direction. I think its showing that my personal style is solidifying.
(lavender in provence by Marie-Eve of Lake Jane)

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  1. Gosh, I wish I would lock things down. Damn the every changing prettiness.