February 17, 2010


So we're young. and poor. He's a boy and both he and his roommate are really simple/messy boys. i.e. they don't really own hangers or a mixing bowl, they don't really cook. fiancee owns one pair of jeans that he wears until they have holes, then buys a new pair. I live with my uncle. So I have access to an entire household of items but I only own the clothes in my closet and knick knacks essentially. I don't even own the furniture in my room. So basically we don't have much to our names.

The plan right now is for me to move from orange county to LA after I graduate in june. Then fiancee will move in closer to the wedding in February. Except he's the one who has the most household items (namely a couch and a king size mattress-just a mattress though, no bed frame). So what will I do? If all goes well, my degree should guarantee me a comfortable income, though I would like to save as much as possible until at least after the honeymoon.

There's so many amazing options out there for registeries these days. Honestly we would love to just set up some sort of charity and have people give money if they feel so inclined. Confession: I hate asking for people to give me things. But with the place we're at in our lives right now, we kind of need forks and blenders and plates and cups. It will be fun to pick all those things out and fiancee is of course stoked about a scanner gun. But it still feels funny asking people to buy us a whisk.

Then along comes a big blessing. My dear uncle got engaged last weekend (so excited for them!). It is both their second wedding, and they each have a household filled to the brim. They will be eventually consolidating to one house and will have a lot to get rid of. So my uncle said he'd give fiancee and I dibs on anything. Kitchen stuff, furniture, etc. Amazing!

We started talking about how much money we'll save, and how many fewer items we'll potentially need to register for. We're hoping to set up a honeymoon registry, where people can donate toward a specific thing such as a dinner out or a play or transportation. Maybe we'll be able to actually leave the state! I know if you set up your registry through wedding channel, they will donate a percentage toward a charity of your choice as well.

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