February 24, 2010


Today is one of those days.
Time to look at pretty pictures. of food.
(via snippet and ink)
purple artichokes used as bowls? awesome.
(via cupcake wedding)
cheese disguised as a cake?!?! I'm all for it.
(feather love photography)
cheese. mmm. mercury glass candle holders. more on that to come.
(i don't remember?)
fiance LOVES tomato soup. and I love grilled cheese. well any combination of cheese and bread. quesadilla, pizza, etc...
(via brides cafe)
pie table. yes please. my grandma is rad at making...like every single pie known to man & woman. She already bakes for an army for every major (and minor) holiday, might as well continue the tradition.
(feather love photography)
crackers. olives. cheese.
(via oncewed)

(via ritzy bee)
this is cute. little snack pack for the bridal party (or US). although hopefully it won't be necessary because we will be stuffed from eating AT the wedding. (duh. we paid for all of it, we better enjoy it!)

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