February 14, 2010


WIC, you're killing me. for reals.
somehow, when you get engaged, the universe finds out. and starts bombarding you.
when you update your facebook relationship status to "engaged", all the ads on the right side turn to bridal diets and photographers.
 I receive bridal expo postcards, and I have NO idea how these people got my address. I've been getting about one postcard a week. no joke. today when i checked the mail from the past couple days there were two. two different bridal expos in the area.
Today there was also a typed letter from an orthodontic office up in northern california. The letter began "dear bride" (even though my name was on the printed label on the envelope) and offered me discounted invisalign and whitening services. seriously? who are you people?!
So much paper wasted. no wonder some brides go crazy, thinking they need all that stuff.

1 comment:

  1. Dear Bride (bleurgh!,

    You need to lose weight and whiten your teeth! Choose ugly dresses for your bridesmaids because who wants other people to look nice.

    Kind regards, Smug WIC.

    It's so hideous and damaging. Personally I ignore it because I do not like people telling me what to do!