February 14, 2010


fiancee and i went out to dinner on friday since he had to work all weekend, so i'll be spending the day doing homework. but it's no big deal, valentine's day is a little too much for me. yes it's fun to get flowers and such, but the emphasis that this is the ONLY day of the year to show someone you really love them? um, no thanks. Our anniversary is in 2 weeks, so we usually celebrate that one. plus, it's a pain to try and go out to dinner ON valentine's day anyway. we're not the most patient, combine that with hunger and you're in trouble! So I still got to dress up, wear high heels and curl my hair, enjoy a delicious meal and a glass of white zinfindel with my future husband.

Let's talk honeymoon. It will be dependent on how much money we've got. Our parents are amazing and will be covering the wedding for us, but it will be a set budget (which we haven't decided yet).
Currently in the running:
northern california coast road trip: monterey, san francisco, bodega bay, possibly all the way up to mendocino. little B&Bs, cold foggy mornings, hole in the wall restaurants, fireplaces.

seattle, WA. the pacific northwest. cold, rainy. cityscape.

victoria, vancouver island, canada. i'm pretty adamant about this one. if we can swing it financially. vancouver island is actually fairly temperate, so although it'll be winter, the temp rarely drops below 45 F, just lots of rain. B&Bs/inns with fireplaces. beautiful scenery. day trips to vancouver to frolic in the city (which i hear has amazing and diverse food culture, we're all about food!).

New York City. Fiancee went after we graduated high school. and loves it. I've NEVER been, and it is very very high on my list of places to visit. i feel i might be overwhelmed by how many things there are to do there. but it would be so fun.

DREAM: England. i have a giant crush on England ever since studying abroad at Cambridge a few years ago. i would pack up and move in a second if i had the opportunity. it's just an unspeakable, indescribable feeling i have about that whole country, particularly London, Bath and Cambridge. I really want to share it with fiancee. I just don't think it's quite in the budget yet. It will definitely be a line item in my budget though, perhaps after a couple years we'll make it over the pond.

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