October 25, 2010


soooo....I'm officially a full-time employee! Salary, benefits, etc. at basically my dream company to work for, doing something I totally love. Ahhhh! It's such a weight off my shoulders. All the craziness and stress and anxiety and long-distance from Fiance...it feels all worth it. It's so comforting to have this security to enter into our marriage with (4 months from tomorrow!!). And for me to be in a position to support us to allow Fiance to pursue his creative endeavors in the future.

So in other news, Fiance updated our wedding website thingy. He's adorable. Here's a quote from the "about us":
"The relationship has survived four years of prolonged distance, two regrettable break-ups, and one's sophomoric obsession with the inevitable and tragically unplanned for zombie apocalypse.
James and Jessie are undoubtedly committed to one another through hell or high water, thick or thin, global zombie takeover, or the less likely Mad Maxian, road warrior, Australian outback type of post apocalyptic landscape."

I should probably have him do a guest post, as he is much much more eloquent than myself (even with the tally of how many times he can use the word 'zombie' while still sounding romantic)

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