November 4, 2010

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it's been a weird couple weeks. I have about 10 unfinished posts...I've been battling sporadic insomnia, complete loss of appetite, a rather difficult co-worker, and I had to fork over ridiculous amounts of money because my car broke the one time I've driven it in the past month. With less than 4 months to go, I can feel the wedding items starting to become more urgent.

Finalizing things with the florist, I decided to nix the lily-of-the-valley and go for another favorite of mine: anemones. they are both beautiful, very french feeling and about a 1/5 of the cost. Inspiration:
(top photo taken by Jessica Claire, bottom via ruffled)

Next on my to-do list:
prepare guest list for bridal shower (which my awesome cousin/maid of honor is planning, can't wait!)
print/address/send invites - Fiance and I will be visiting a Paper Source storefront this weekend as I have boycotted online shopping due to UPS failures. At least this way I can see the options in person before purchasing.

Also on the life to-do list: Fiance and I are apartment hunting this weekend! This is about the 3rd weekend, but the first time we're really seriously and intently looking. I'm a pretty independent person and love my alone time, I don't regret living on my own these past few months but I'm so LONELY. I definitely did not expect it. I thought it would be really difficult for me to transition into living with another person (someone I love, but nonetheless a boy ::cue Monica Gellar whine "I have to live with a boy!"::). But I find myself counting down the days until moving in together. Every time he leaves after we hang out gets harder and harder.

So basically, I'm kind of just ready to be married already. 

Also not to be terribly shallow, but after going through this switch to salary and filling out benefit enrollment forms (and freaking out after seeing how much of my paycheck was gone due to taxes ::Rachel Green "Who's this FICA guy? and why's he taking all my money??"::) I realized that being married really does help out financially. When calculating witheld taxes I was like "ohhhh maybe this is why so many people get married..." Friends I'm KIDDING. they get married for love. right? right.

p.s. yes that was 2 Friends references in one day. I'm kind of missing having a television for the re-runs...

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  1. the anemones are beautiful. :)

    and sorry to hear about the difficult coworker. i sympathize.