October 13, 2010

la dee dah

So my mom and her bff Suzy played hooky from work today - so that they could go do wedding errands. They're the cutest! They hit the thrift stores. And put together tablescapes, when I finally talked them after work they were on about idea number 23. Suzy has become the wedding planner. she has a billion ideas and they're all fantastic and she doesn't mind taking on a million DIY duties. She lives for this stuff. My mom has been trying on dresses. She found some awesome glass beverage dispensers at TJ Maxx for under $20 each. You guys, delegation is a godsend. I solidified and explained my ideas early on and now I have let go of the reins. I trust my mom and Suzy and I know from experience that beautiful things will happen. and I'm getting so excited just to be marrying fiance that I'm not even worried about the rest.

In other news, I finally sent the save-the-dates!! They're only about a month and a half late but...shhh no one else knows that. Lessons learned: a) I'm printing address labels for the invites. fo sho. also (as my mother pointed out) then we can reprint the labels for thank you cards! genius! b) I need to get one of those sponge-y things for sealing envelopes. Because licking them was getting gross. Why has no one at least made that adhesive stuff mint flavored or something??? c) Undecided on postage. I mailed them on my lunch break and there was a huge line so I just went to the little kiosk and got 3 packs of the ugly liberty bell stamps. I know myself well enough at this point to know that I won't be scouring ebay for vintage stamps. But I know the post office at least offers some with slightly more visual interest than brown bells? I also know just about no one looks at stamps and those darn 44 cent things get thrown away. we'll see how pressed for time I am when it comes to the invites.

Also, I have some exciting news, just waiting for all the details to come next week before I spread the word... :)))))


  1. http://store.baconsalt.com/JampDs-Bacon-Flavored-Mmmvelopes-40pack-of-2541_p_69.html


  2. I had some stamps mailed to me for $1 from the post office. Pick some fun ones out on usps.com, type in your credit card, they show up in your mailbox. Piece of cake. Buy double to use for thank yous.

  3. sounds like you have a fantastic support system going on. yay!

    can't wait to hear the exciting news!!!!