October 5, 2010

so...I added another bridesmaid*. It was really oversight on my part that she wasn't there in the first place. But I swear it ends here. And now we have 6 and 6. Which means our bridal party is approximately 10% of the guest list...but hey, we've got a lot of really close friends, people who have really influenced our lives in major ways. Also fiance wanted equal numbers...

I also kind of have some "honorary" bridesmaids, 7 to be exact. Girls that I became close with when I studied abroad, and we still keep in touch and are great friends, even over 2 years later. But I had to draw the line somewhere, so they're still invited to all the shower/bachelorette stuff and I'm inviting them to come get ready with me morning of. They're talking about getting matching outfits, different from what my girls are wearing, but they just love me :)

*I know "bridesmaid" is so not the progressive term to use these days. But I haven't seen a term that I can really get on board with and no one would know what I mean if I said "my bridal brigade"...The less I have to explain myself these days, the better.


  1. can we please call ourselves the bridal brigade??

  2. I used "brideswomen" . . . a groom has groomsmen, why can't a bride have brideswomen?? I did get some funny looks, and himself thought it was weird and that it didn't matter, but what can I say. Words matter to me!!

  3. I keep saying "bridal party" and "bridal hootenanny" (the larger group including the other honor attendants) and so far everyone figures out what I mean or is good at pretending they get it.

  4. use whatever term you want - brigade, bridesmaids, the raddest group of peeps ever... it's your wedding :)

    i think it's great your friends are getting involved in their own way!