October 10, 2010

love actually is...

so I am watching love actually, it's been awhile and I totally forgot about this part at the beginning:
 Keira Knightley has just gotten married and is walking back down the aisle when a gospel choir pops out and begins singing "all you need is love" and practically a full orchestra comes out of the pews. All arranged by the best man.

Can I please have a gospel choir (hint hint friends)? Fiance and I love gospel music and I've been in love with this photo below from a wedding photographed by Millie Holloman. So so much joy and happiness.
We can't afford it to hire a group and I don't personally know any gospel singers...but it's nice to dream.


  1. I know, every time I watch the film I want a gospel choir in my secular wedding! It just sounds so magical.

  2. totally cute.

    the wedding we went to on saturday had something similar to this. the bride's cousin and aunt were singing and slowly the rest of the family started to join them. it was a tearjerker fosho.