October 20, 2010


so my mom met with the florist. Who we knew would be all kinds of amazing, just from their email correspondence. She's all over the lavender/herbs/italy-inspired thing. Apparently she's really sweet and totally accommodating. She loves the very organic, natural looking flowers, non-perfect arrangements. We are going to have lavender, herbs, olive branches and non-traditional white flowers galore. Also, the lily-of-the-valley bouquet that I had my heart set on? Totally in season. It's happening, yay! She's be arranging bouquets, corsages, a couple boutonnieres for the dads and grandpas (fiance is not a fan...) and she's making a flower headband for my soon-to-be niece. adorable! The rest of the flowers she'll be supplying to us in bulk for ms. suzy to arrange. They will be well hydrated and carefully delivered.

(this post has been sitting open for about 2 days...) So we got an estimate back! Everything is incredibly reasonable except...holy crapola the bouquet I want costs as much as my dress. I kid you not. There's no way I'm paying that much. I really just like the aesthetic look of the flowers. but I have learned that apparently Jackie O, Princess Grace Kelly and Audrey Hepburn (and Barbra Streisand?) all had lily of the valley bouquets, so I suppose they are popular for those reasons. So plan B=pick. different. flower. plan C=get silk flowers? I've seen many rounds of the great artificial flower debate. I must do some soul searching, if I really have my heart set on the look of lily of the valley, then silk it will be. because they are only about 2% of the cost of real ones. even for high quality artificial. Plus apparently these flowers are not very sturdy and they die super easily. so outrageous sum of money for mayyyyybe 4 hours? uh, no. as dear cousin/maid of honor asked? are they dipped in gold?!?! sigh, wedding sticker shock.

so life is busy, and I am still awaiting details on a certain subject. patience is not a strength of mine friends.


  1. Sigh indeed. If you want real flowers, maybe you could tell the florist that you love the look, but then give her your budget and see what she comes up with. It sounds like you trust her, and I'm sure she'll come up with something lovely.

    But yes, wedding sticker shock is a crappy crappy thing.

  2. girl you did some serious research! bravo! a little bit goes a long way. i think the investment in silk flowers is a good choice. they'll last and you can find something useful for them after the wedding. just googled lilly of the valley and they are beautiful!