August 15, 2010

Do you ever get tired of talking about your wedding? Maybe tired is the wrong word. I feel like my words don't do justice to the ideas in my head and people (especially those with no experience in weddingblogland) are like "oh cool, i'm sure it'll be beautiful". I just saw and spoke with a bunch of friends this past week, ones that I haven't seen in a while. (Including a group of girls that I studied abroad with at Cambridge University 2 summers ago). They know about the engagement but nothing about the wedding. And as we're all chatty girls who love each other they want to know all about it. So I find myself walking the fine line about being that annoying girl who talks about weddings all the time and goes way too in depth, about things only wedding bloggers would get. So i think I accidently downplay things instead. "Um, we're getting married, church, his mom's house, appetizers, mid day...?" Although my Cambridge girls were quite amazed about my extensive network of friendors. And were super excited to hear about my dress.

My thoughts are a bit jumbled right now. I just got back from a night in palm springs with my maid of honor cousin and after 110 degree heat, laying by the pool and the ACE's vodka sno cones, my brain is still mush. But on with the story, I have a hard time talking about myself and my plans in great detail. I am the listener. Yet when it's my turn to dish, I always find myself giving a super abridged version, minimizing excitement. It's ridiculous because these are my friends. I don't know if I feel like I'm coming off as self-absorbed? Or trying to explain how awesome I think it will be to have little potted herbs as decor and I'm met with blank stares. So the next time I leave that part out. When co-workers ask how my weekend was I reply with "Oh we registered. It was super fun....blah blah blah." As we approach the 6 month mark (and have already surpassed 200 days-from the quiet reminding of our registries, NOT martha) I fear that elusive moment when suddenly all conversations and activities are wedding-related, in a bad way. Because I'm totally looking forward to the planning we have yet to do and the bridal showers and such to come. But there's so much more to me than that! Especially right now in my life! I already told Fiance we need to make an effort to do fun things and pursue topics that are interesting to us, because I refuse to let the wedding turn us into one-note people.

Hopefully when I see friends they will continue to ask "how are you doing? what's going on with you?" instead of or as well as "how's the wedding planning going?".

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