August 1, 2010

he's got a gun

updates updates!
my mom and her friend suzy hit the thrift stores last weekend. and scored big. milk glass vases, cake stands, galvanized tin buckets and silver platters (all $2 or less) galore.

Yesterday Fiance and I were hanging out and he says "hey let's go register today!" so we drove on over to Macy's. Everyone should have the in-store registry experience. It lives up to every bit of the hype. We have our own personal registry consultant, who was the sweetest woman on the planet. you can tell she absolutely loves her job. Macy's has these bonus rewards, where if you register for, say $500 worth of kitchenaid, then you get a free gift (worth about $30-$50). It doesn't matter if no one buys that stuff for you, as long as it's in your registry. how awesome is that? so Fiance went a little crazy with the scanner gun. I was trying to be logical and pick only things we needed and Fiance was like, "is calphalon on the list? yes?" scan scan scan scan scan. "babe we don't need $1500 worth of all-clad cookware" "but we get a free engraved skillet!" "do we really need a skillet with our names and wedding date on it?" "hell yeah if it's free!" oh dear! it was so so fun though. I also signed up for a macy's credit card. because anytime someone buys off our registry, MY card gets like 5% rewards. we're supposed to wait on bedding, towels and luggage since the styles are seasonal and what's out now won't be available once the wedding date rolls around. we definitely need to do some editing down as well...those scanner guns are too addicting.

the playlist is coming along nicely. and we looked at some suits and shoes for Fiance.

I'm kind of having internet withdrawals. trekking to the coffee shop for an hour a couple times a week is not nearly enough time to get everything done. we'll see how much longer i last.

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  1. I don't know how you lasted this long without internet at your place! You're a better woman than I, that's all I can say. :)