August 9, 2010

coming of age

So...I gave up and am currently posting from the comfort of my own apartment. I'm almost embarassed that I couldn't survive without internet, but I got over that pretty quickly. I still have about 500 unread posts in my google reader. Also still working on trying to NOT GET OVERWHELMED. and I'm not just talking about reading blogs. I tend to let things accumulate in my head, good or bad. I breeze through for a few weeks and then BAM it all hits me at once. This time it was: moving to LA, into my very own first apartment, starting a grownup job, receiving some exciting opportunities at this job, still unpacking boxes, learning how to budget and grocery shop...all within a month. All very good things but my brain tends to have a slight delay in registering things that are going on. And so it all hits me at once, resulting in meltdown, triggered by something fairly small. After some grounding conversations with Fiance and the parents, I came to the simple conclusion that I was overwhelmed. Not ungrateful or doing things wrong. I need to prioritize and learn it's okay that all my clothes are still in boxes because I can't afford a dresser yet.

I'm really hoping I can get some of these big life lessons out of the way and under my belt before the wedding. I know too many expectations are bad, but really I'm just hoping for peace and calmness day of. Planning ahead, prioritizing, and letting go are some of the bigger issues I've been tackling on the road to not only wedding planning but becoming the person I want to be. Sometimes I forget that I'm only 21. In no way am I expected to have things all figured out.

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