August 31, 2010

one step closer

We have less than six months to go now and time is NOT slowing down!

Our save the date magnets came! And we are quite pleased.
I went with Vistaprint. They had excellent bulk pricing specials and simple, easy to edit templates (Though I feel like their website isn't the most user-friendly ever). Other magnet sites I found were triple the price per magnet and had really crazy/complicated designs and backgrounds, none of which really went with our style. I was a bit surprised by their shipping costs though. $20 for 7 day shipping? That was the cheapest/slowest option. Seemed expensive to me for 100 lightweight 4"x5" magnets but maybe that's just me.

UPS gets a D- on delivery though. I did a bit of whining on that portion (Fiance can attest). According to my tracking number the package was supposed to arrive last Wednesday. Instead I got it yesterday, Monday. There were 2 "attempts" by the delivery person and it stated "customer not available. Will try again".
a) I live in an apartment building
b) my buzzer doesn't work
c) There is a prominent sign next to the buzzer that says "UPS, deliveries, etc. please bring all packages to the management office around the corner" with a LARGE ARROW.
d) Both attempts were made between the hours of 8 and 5. I work 8-5, so even if my buzzer did work I wouldn't have been there to get it.
Apartment buildings aren't new to the world, especially mine. And there's no way I was the first person to ever receive a package via UPS in my building. So really, what's the problem here??
Also, the box was FALLING APART. Like totally destroyed. There was supposed to be one of those plastic air-filled bags as padding but by the time it got to me it was completely deflated. Luckily I had magnets where the info is printed on vinyl, so they are heavy duty and all stuck together. If that was paper in that package? Half of it would have definitely fallen out and/or been bent/ripped and someone would be receiving an angry phone call.

Fiance stated that these made everything seem more real. Like this whole wedding thing is actually happening. Cute. :)


  1. Guh, UPS is terrible! Cheaper, yes. But when it comes to making sure your package actually gets to where it needs to go when you need it to be there? Pfft.

    (Just a little tip from me to you!)

  2. very true. i remember when we got our invites- as soon as you have something tangible you can hold and touch, it starts to feel real.

    and UPS was being a silly sally with your package. yuck