August 11, 2010

on a scale of 1 to 10...

this actually happens? this? really world?

photographers so shallow they refuse to put their non-pretty (as defined by society) clients on their blogs. and even being jerks about it WHILE shooting a wedding of said excluded couples?

it makes me sick.

I guess we're lucky that we can't afford a big name photographer. I guess we're lucky we have photographer friends who are true artists and love us and will give us beautiful photos whether they are "magazine worthy" or not.

wedding industry we were just starting to get along so well, I had so much hope in you. You have so much potential. Now it's back to fighting it out on our (as in sane wedding throwers) own.


  1. Yes. Unfortunately it makes my blood boil and my heart sad.

  2. i think the effedupness in the regular word is magnified in wedding world. it's pretty ridiculous.