August 5, 2010

rolling along

I love my little apartment, my kitchenette and my cooking items in all their mismatched glory. But I think I really understand the joy of a wedding registry now. brand new, shiny, high-quality things that all work properly and are in colors and patterns of our choosing... things that will be OURS and not just hand-me-downs or cheapie items that don't quite work. Also that we don't have to necessarily pay for. And I've decided that I WILL use all the fancy stuff we registered for. Like that china? Dude it's Tuesday night, bust it out. And the super nice wine glasses, um, it's saturday afternoon? I don't believe in shoving stuff away in storage for someday. I'm using it now! Also why sometimes I put on a nice fancy dress to sit around and watch movies in...silly i suppose.

We're really rolling on wedding to-dos. My mom will be contacting the florist. Fiance's mom is waiting on quotes from the caterers and rental company and confirmation for the honeymoon. I've contacted the darling pastor of the church we'll be married in so we can meet up and start planning the ceremony when Fiance and i visit home next month.

Fiance and I still get giddy about being engaged. it's been over 8 months, with less than 7 to go now!

And work is going marvelously, I love my job. I could work there for the rest of my life and be totally happy.

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  1. Our gifts started coming in, and each time my dad tells me that something has arrived or I see online that something has been bought, I get much more excited than I thought I ever would. I mean, I know it's just stuff, but it's stuff that people bought for the two of us and our home together. LOVE that.

    Also, glad to hear that things are rolling along!