December 26, 2009

Purple fingers

Once I get ahold of an idea my mind tends to race a million miles a minute. I LOVE fruit, and berries (except I'm allergic to raspberries...I don't understand!). I love sweets as much as the next girl but I don't really have a sweet tooth. For dessert I'd much rather reach for some fresh fruit, especially blackberries. I remember picking them for hours upon hours in my grandparents backyard. If the wedding remains at the end of the summer we should still be able to get some great in season items.

blackberries in a bouquet? I would need them to be artificial because I come from a long family history of being messy.

(via snippet and ink)

of course a snippet and ink board. My grandma is a pro jam/jelly maker. Maybe we could commission some as favors?

(via snippet and ink)

Simplicity at it's finest.
(via oncewed)

To add to the hors d'ouerves table. berries in their original farmer's market crates. My kind of decorating.

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  1. Oh blackberries remind me of my youth. Love blackberry liqueur. Love everything blackberry. Even the mess the make!