December 27, 2009

now bring us a figgy pudding

I promise this will be my last food related post for a while! The holidays are getting to me...
So another fruit that really intrigues me is the fig. I have not had extensive experience with them, but my goodness they're beautiful. Their color and texture is fabulous.
"Figs and Chandeliers"
The colors in this are a bit dark but it's still very simple and elegant.

(via erin ever after)

I think this dish is made just for me. "Honeyed fig and lavender crostata". doesn't it look heavenly? This is brought to you by the geniuses at Sunday Suppers. If we were doing an EXTREMELY small wedding (which we're not) I would totally do this for the reception. Based in New York, about once a month they host a dinner party where they bring in a professional chef, photographer and decor/food stylist. You buy tickets and then you actually make the dinner and eat it together. How fun!

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