December 7, 2009

east of eden

one of my favorite blogs is snippet and ink. The lovely Kathryn posts breathtaking inspiration boards among the real wedding photos. She compiles them with a broad range of styles, colors, themes, and events in mind. I've saved quite a few, many just for the simple inspiration not even related to weddings, and will post quite a few over time that have gotten the gears turning for me.

my number one:
titled "East of Eden"

It was inspired by the monterey/salinas area, locations of John Steinbeck books. It reminds me so much of where we grew up, a little further north. Those 2 photos of the giant oaks (i believe?) in the yellowed field are identical to the landscape where I went to middle school, where my friends lived, those winding back roads where the boy and i used to drive for hours listening to music because there was nothing else to do, that hilltop where he first told me he loved me. I've got my fingers crossed that the reception will happen at a location with fields and trees just like that.

Now Kathryn herself is engaged, and with as much inspiration as she's had, I can't wait to see what beautiful celebration she puts together! I wish her the best and to not get overwhelmed!

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