January 30, 2011


so I have mentioned before how people seem to come out of the woodwork to help and support us in any way. Well here's another story. A family friend who I haven't seen in a while texted me out of the blue last week and asked if I had any plans for friday. I said no and he responded with "early wedding gift. how about staples center 7:30?". Immediately Fiance and I knew what was going on. See this friend is the ultimate bachelor-type guy, knows all the best restaurants and bars, goes to live sporting events all the time, etc. He also has season tickets to the Los Angeles Lakers. Fiance LOVES basketball. so free NBA basketball tickets, win right? let's take it up a notch. the Lakers happened to be playing the Sacramento Kings on Friday. Our hometown, Fiance's favorite team. He's a die-hard loyal fan, even though they've...struggled for the past 5 or so years. The chance to watch the Lakers play the Kings is the ultimate experience.

So Friday night I raced home from work, changed and then we were off to downtown LA. Lakers fans are kind of intense, making it difficult to be fans of the opposing team, we knew it would be best to keep a low profile. Well early on that became hard as the Kings (2nd worst team in the league I believe) started absolutely killing it. They were ahead of the Lakers (reigning back to back champions) by as much as 20 points nearly the whole game. And then, the Kings won. The Kings beat the Lakers. and we got to watch it live. I think this may be Fiance's favorite wedding present of all time.

So about wedding gifts. I love our registries, I need everything on our registries. But I really don't mind if people gift us other things, especially as they have all been very personal and thoughful. People will give in ways that they are most comfortable. Whether its basketball tickets or kitchen gadgets or simply lovely cards with meaningful handwritten words. And I love all of it, I'm grateful for each and every person whether they paid money for their gift or not. I just want them to be there, at least in thoughts and prayers if not in person as well.

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