February 14, 2011

toasty warm feets

people's generosity continues to amaze me.

today my coworkers threw me a surprise wedding BBQ for lunch. they kept it a secret for a couple weeks. Not only was there hot dogs, burgers (with ALL the fixings you can imagine), baked beans, homemade potato salad, a giant cake, and ice cream...they also pooled together to get a gift off our registry. and not just any gift, but the kitchenaid stand mixer! I'm so excited to play with it! It was such a wonderful surprise, my work is awesome. and the bridal shower paper plates and napkins were a nice touch on a construction site ;D

bridal shower #2 post coming soon. I swear. last week was...rough. I literally flew back from my parents monday morning and drove straight to work. the rest of the week snowballed after that. but the weekend turned around. we took one of our bffs out to a birthday drinks and dinner friday night. Sunday we celebrated valentine's day with lunch at a cute little retro diner and a movie. and one last shopping trip for my rehearsal dinner dress.

Saturday, when fiance went to work I did a little shopping for my trousseau... I'm just going to say it was way fun, slightly awkward and majorly confidence boosting - if all those adjectives can make sense together.

less than 2 weeks away a-peoples! (bonus points for guessing the movie reference there)
still soooo soo excited!

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