September 11, 2010

ring ring ring

I love my little ring. And after the glorious outcome of the ring incident, of course we'll be getting our wedding bands through Sarah Perlis as well.

I don't need them to be matchy-matchy or fitted. I like the idea of being able to just wear my band if I don't want to wear the diamond (like camping or traveling or something?). I want something fairly simply. Just gold. But where I lack in the flashy department I make up for in texture. My personal style is mostly boring neutrals but with lots and lots of texture. So here's a few rings I'm looking at:
The thin beaded band. Still dainty and small but not boring.
The moon textured stack rings. Look at that hammered gold glory. This also kind of makes me want three wedding bands.  It'd look so awesome all stacked with my rough diamond. Three is a prominent number in weddings, especially biblically speaking. Three rings also means triple the price...which we probably can't afford.
And then the classic 18K rose gold bands. I'd get it in yellow gold. But Sarah Perlis totally welcomes custom orders and as we've seen, she is more than helpful. Maybe I can even get it thinner, super tiny like this one.

Fiance wants something very plain and simple:
Like the half round band. Timeless.

I kind of like this one:
The finish on this smooth matte band is amazing.
Same goes for this woodgrain band. If he ever scratched or dented it (as most boys seem to do with you!), you wouldn't be able to tell!

(no freebies, no sponsorships, I just really admire her work!)