September 16, 2010

la di dah

So in our whirlwind weekend home we made all kinds of decisions. It was nice.

We met with the pastor and he is AWESOME. all caps necessary. Super nice, totally laid back. Emphasized it was all about us, whatever we want to do. Move around the pews/furniture at the altar? Go for it. Use the sunday school rooms for the boys to change in? yep. have the flower girl dump flowers down the aisle? totally (as long as we designate a clean up person). photographers? the more the merrier! they can do whatever they want! Oh hey and there's also this awesome balcony to take photos from. He told us he understands the value of a good photo. There's nothing like catching a tear rolling down someone's cheek. He's going to email us some scripts of wedding ceremonies and we'll tailor it from there. Though we'll be sticking with pretty traditional simple stuff. Also? Turns out he has known Fiance's grandma for years. He used to help lead a ladies retreat she went on every year. sweet.

Discussed budget. family is pleased. Learned that the caterers are awesome & delicious. And they're all about using what's local and in season. And we'll be getting a bartender. a) to remove liability from us b) cuz they'll cut off the drunkies c)we don't have to worry about it.

Figured out a rough layout plan for the reception. Until you see his parent's garage, you might not understand the appeal of a party in a garage. But really it's a fully finished room with a concrete floor. There's drywall and paint, 3 huge windows, it holds about 4 cars. When you add the big white tent, it turns into roughly 1000 square feet. that's pretty darn spacious. If we get lucky and get the one day of winter sun, we'll nix the tent and open the garage doors so people can mingle outside too. The house is on a hill and the views are gorgeous.

Sat down with my mom's friend suzy and talked decor. She knows what's up. she's all over this "french market" aesthetic. she's got it all planned out and ready to go. She and my mom have been collecting vintage galvanized tin buckets and milk glass vases. There's a huge rubbermaid tub of just the milk glass plus about 10 buckets in my old bedroom. I think they've spent about $50 total? They're pro at finding bargains. I have full faith that they will pull it all together nicely.

Tried on my dress again! Fits perfectly. I mean PERFECTLY. except for the length. which will be an easy alteration. Tried it on with the shoes and jewelry. love love love. so excited.

chatted with grandma about the cake. she's making a 3 tiered cake. I think we'll just go super simple with the flavors. i.e. vanilla w/lemon filling, chocolate, carrot cake. Partially cuz grandma's old-fashioned. She brought over her cake decorating books and no joke they were all from the 60s and early 70s. All the pillars and gaudy swirls and patterns and designs. so funny. she can do whatever she wants with that. Like my mom said, she makes beautiful cakes that taste fantastic, but it'll be nothing like what you asked for. (stubbornness runs in the family, on both sides. can ya tell?) I have no qualms about the cake. Also, cheesecake will happen. yummmm.

also lots and lots of family bonding time. hanging with my little (well he's 16 but about a foot taller than me!) brother's lady friend (because i'm not allowed to call her his girlfriend. hehe.) and poor fiance getting the flu the night before we left. he was a little nervous about getting on the plane feeling that naseous but he made it home and slept it off. must have been a 24 hour bug.

now I'm busy busy busy at work! we've got a super duper big deadline tomorrow for our client and then I'll be in meetings most of next week while they nitpick and audit our work. I can't believe it's been 2.5 months already! I've learned so so much. and I still have an "i love my job!" moment at least once a day. so that's a good sign.

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